Cash Processing

APSG adopts high-speed and accurate cash processing devices for counting, sorting and linking money that are compatible with local and international systems to serve customers with high professionalism in addition to cash paper inspection systems to ensure the safety of cash, as partnerships have been concluded with major manufacturers of specialized devices in this field to achieve the highest level Excellent service.

APSG Expertise in Cash Processing:

APSG provide Cash Processing services. We have since, managed some of the Cash Processing functions in leading financial institutions in their cash centers across the kingdom. APSG provides cash processing in 27 main cash centers around the kingdom. We Process an average of 4.2million notes per day، APSG owns and operates a large number of cash processing machines with our main partnership with G&D
utilising the latest Multi Denomination High Speed sorters with automated nota- pack, along with a large number of two pocket units throughout our Cash Centre operations, APSG employees are operating inside of banks cash centers and bank branches.

We provide the following services:

  • Sorting of ATM Super fit cash/ Fit / Unfit cash.
  • Counterfeit detection.
  • Note denominations sorting & (facing if required)
  • Cash Counting, Bundling & Strapping.

APSG’s Strategic Partnership with G&D:

APSG is a pioneer in the field of cash processing and through its strategic partnership with the global and specialized G&D company in the automatic multi-category and high-speed sorting machines, APSG has won the satisfaction, approval and appreciation of customers and the blessing of the Saudi Central Bank.

Multi Bank Cash Center (MBCC)

APSG is proud to be the first private sector organization chosen by Saudi Arabia Monitory Authority to be rusted in managing and operating the first type of MBCC (Multi Bank Cash Center which includes Clients Operations and banks all combined working and operated in one location).This is the first type of this nature not only in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia but also in the Middle East and Africa. APSG, the Cash Management Company has officially became the first CIT Company to be awarded the full management and operations of the Taif MBCC partially managed such event

Command and Control Center (CCC) & Cash Center Monitoring (CCM)

The Monitoring and Control Center monitors and manages 48 branches and Cash Center, more than 3707 ATM, more than 300 armored cars and 100 escort vehicles, and one of the main tasks of the center is to monitor the cash centers and branches throughout the day, all days of the year, and also monitor and track armored cars during field work with eight cameras each vehicle It is of high quality so that the field team is followed up during the performance of the task to ensure that the team enjoys a safe and technically supportive work trip in case the need arises. Among the tasks of the center is also the exchange of the secret numbers for opening an automated teller machine cabinet after ensuring the safety of the site and being alone, which raises suspicion or negatively affects The work of the team and one of the center’s priorities is to ensure the smooth flow of work until shipments are delivered to the cash centers / customer, where the processes of receiving and delivering the promise and inventory of cash are also followed up through the cameras specially prepared by APSG to follow up the daily work in the cash centers that are managed by it, as well as The screens of the ICB systems for confirming the
receipt and delivery of cash are monitored, and the control and control center is also programmed for electronic locks and key cabinet management – Key Conductor, programming keys, programming of self-destructing smart bags and tracking them while working.