ATM Replenishment

APSG dedicated an ATM management team currently manages more than 3707 of ATMs and has achieved a coverage and availability High rate This in turn helps our customers meet their client’s expectations and improve the bank’s cash management.APSG can over to take full responsibility of the management of ATMs. The total package includes, among other things, quality sorting of bills, replenishments, reconciliations, service, and reporting to the accountable bank.

In some markets, APSG overs analysis of cash and forecasts of the amount of cash necessary, depending on location and day of the week. This reduces costs and ensures that the right amount of cash is available for withdrawals at all times.

ATM management services include:

  • Cash Replenishment Cassette Replacement or Refilling .
  • First Level Maintenance (FLM) Services for 24/7.
  • Daily End of Day Reconciliation (EOD).
  • Daily Reporting (CBR).
  • Management of Captured cCards.
  • Management of ATM Funds – Deposit Validation,
  • Discrepancies and any Counterfeit Currencies.
  • Monitoring and Follow-up Operations.
  • Command and Control Center.
  • Receive, Response and Dispatch ATM calls.
  • Availability of Response Team for Emergency